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Keyboard Cat is BACK!!!

Well the rumors were true and Keyboard Cat is back!  Here is an official statement from the Keyboard Cat YouTube channel:

REJOICE!!! The wait is over! As predicted by Keyboard Cat Church…He is back!!! Fatso is reincarnated as “Bento”. He comes with Fatso’s approval, support, talent and spirit. It is truly time to celebrate! Much more to come!

Well here is the first video with “Bento”

And for a look back here is that original Keyboard Cat video that we all came to know and love….


Google Buzz Parody Video

Since last week when Google Buzz there has been a little press on it…just a little. Some love it, some hate it, some don’t like the privacy aspects of it.

Now you can add parody videos to that list. Check this video that pokes some fun at the Google Buzz promo video. Enjoy! Oh and if you are not already make sure to follow me on Buzz.

[found via Thomas Hawk]

So it appears Pee Wee got his hands on an iPad and brought it to the Playhouse for everyone to see.

[found via Mashable]

Happy Festivus!!!

So its that time of year again and Festivus is upon us. I am wishing you all a Happy Festivus!!!! Not sure what Festivus is? Check out this video below which runs through the holiday and some of what to expect.

The story of Festivus

Oh I miss the days of 30 straight hours of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon. I found some clips on the web to bring back those memories of the good ol’ days!



For those of you in the US just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving and to those not in the US well hey happy thursday! 🙂

I always enjoy this song when it comes to Thanksgiving time called “Turkey Wrap” so enjoy!


Who needs Cash4gold when you can get Cats4Gold!!  WIN!


Facebook is a MMORPG [Humor]

I got a good laugh out of this one. Enjoy!

College Humor has a funny segment where they bring twitter to our real lives.  funny stuff.

Funny song from College Humor.  Based on the Billy Joel song “We Didn’t Start The Fire”.