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So my latest geeky purchase arrived today……I got my Han Solo Frozen in Soap err I mean Carbonite bar of soap.

Want some geeky soap for yourself? Jump over to Luxury Lane Soap and also follow Kylee on twitter @kyleelane


Everyone going to the midnight showings have fun!  And be on the lookout for my review to hit the interwebs soon.

One of the big releases for 2010 is the new Iron Man movie and come May 7th when it hits theaters AMC has a kool promotion where you can “Spend A Night With Iron Man” by catching the first release and then after that at midnight you can catch Iron Man 2 and if the theater has the option you can go IMAX!

How sweet is that deal?  I know myself I a cannot wait to see this movie.  The trailers have only gotten my geek senses tingling and if the 2nd one is as good as the first it will be a night of non stop geek out action.

Wanna know if and where it is happening in your area?  Check Here


How about a little trailer action (but i know you have already watched this like a crap ton already if you are like me)

So one of my awesome Twitter followers @kyleelane has a kool business where she makes soaps and some of them appeal to the geeky side of us all.

I made a purchase recently and grabbed the Star Wars and Fight Club soap!   How kool is that?  There is also a LEGO block one I have my eye on for future purchase.

[Luxury Lane Soap] [Etsy Page] [Twitter]

So yesterday it was the new Iron Man trailer and today we get the release of the new Tron trailer.  I am so looking forward to this one and the trailers are just increasing the excitement.

Only thing is we have to wait about 9 months!!! Check it out here.


[found here]

Foursquare : The Rap Song

Well location services are the rage at the moment but only Foursquare can claim to have a rap song as far as I know.

Think we will be hearing this in the club near you soon?

So I have been thinking of getting a new wallet and was like hey I want to get something geeky and thats when i found Comic Wallet.


Now I cannot think of something more geeky then a wallet that is made out of comic books and with Comic Wallet that is what you get.

They have all kinds of options from Batman and Green Lantern to Iron Man and Thor.

I went with a Green Lantern one….here is a little info and some images of the one I purchased.

This is a wallet made from the cover of Green Lantern Rebirth 6. It features the cover graphic on the front of the wallet with Kyle, John and Hal on the inside.

So check out the site and you can also follow Comic Wallet on twitter.  I will of course have something to say once it arrives in the mail so be on the lookout for my thoughts.

BBS's And The Sound Of My Youth

So I saw a story on Techcrunch today about the BBS and it having a birthday.  First Happy Birthday to the BBS and wow does that bring back memories!  I remember printing off the list of local numbers here in the Kansas City area I could dial up,  jumping on my computer and firing up the 1200 baud modem that was installed. 

I remember trying to get access to all those shady Adult BBS’s in the area, my first zip file came from a bbs, uploading files so I could get credits to download a game, sending private messages/chatting with other local users, having my family pick up the phone and mess up my connection, jumping on a MUDD and playing for a couple hours.  Ahh the good times and who could  forget that sound?….the sound of logging on and entering a kool new world definately a sound of my youth.

Well that is my flashback to the old days.  How about you?  Did you use any bbs systems?  Run one (I set a couple up in my day).  Let us know.  Lets bring out the stories. 

Ok it might take a couple more then just one orange to do that….but how many?  Check this video out and see.

[found via the presurfer]

A video following the Na’vi from livetree Wisconsin.

[found via laughing squid]