The Geek To Invade The Free State Social

So this is the big week!  Free State Social is here and yours truly will be attending to soak in all the social media madness that will take place.

Social media is much more than a fad – it’s changing the way the world communicates. The communities in northeast Kansas are at the forefront of this movement and have made the region a hub for innovative technologies and social media use.

Because of this, The World Company is hosting a brand new social media event: The Free State Social.

“The Free State Social will highlight the best in social media from our area and put local innovations and ideas on a national – even global – stage,” Ben Smith, World Company Social Media Manager, said. “Our purpose is to educate attendees about the current state of social media, present opportunities for its use and talk about where the industry is headed.”

Some of the speakers at the conference will be Chris Brogan, Jeremiah Owyang, Sarah Evans, and the list goes on as well as a local panel that will feature some familiar faces to those in the KC area including Zena Weist, Ramsey Mohsen, and Tony from Tony’s Kansas City! (Now there is a guy I look forward to meeting).

Overall it should be a great event and I look forward to posting up on the blog videos from the speakers/panels, pics and tweets as the day goes on, looking forward to meeting new people and putting faces with the many people I follow on twitter, as well as absorbing some of the great social media knowledge that will be dropped all day long.

Hope to see you there and if not at the event at the tweetup that night in downtown Lawrence.


  1. I've been looking forward to this conference for a long time. Hard to believe it's a couple of days away. See you there Jeff!

  2. agreed. I am really excited. There are some great speakers that will bepresent. Always good times hanging out with you joe.

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