Happy Foursquare Day!!!

Today is 4/16 and that means its the new holiday Foursquare Day for all us fans of the service.  In honor of the day there are events planned all over the country for people to get swarm badges, businesses having specials for users of Foursquare, and of course a badge to honor the day.

Foursquare Day is about demonstrating the power of social media. It started as an idea by a Tampa, FL Optometrist and quickly spread world-wide.

Foursquare Day is April 16th – because it is the 4th month, and the 4-squared day! (4/16) It’s also the first “Social Media holiday” and was officially endorsed byFoursquare.com (TwitterFacebook).

Badge – In order to get the badge all you have to do is when you check in somewhere today just add the shout “Happy Foursquare Day!”

Events – There are events planned all over the country to celebrate the day.  A good resource to check out is 4sqday.com to see what might be happening in your city or follow the hashtag 4sqday on twitter.

If you are in Kansas City like me there is an event planned down at Blanc Burgers to try and get the swarm badge.  [info on KC event here]

Specials – I know there are business out there that are taking advantage of the day and putting specials out there I have heard that McDonalds is gonna be offering some specials as well as I know a local establishment here in Kansas City will be offering 25% off you order today.

I’m sure if you do some google searches or follow the hashtag you might be able to find some specials going on in your area as well.

Have fun everyone and as always don’t forget to check in!!!


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