My Exploration of ESP In Kansas City

So I was recently told about something a local company here in Kansas City is doing called ESP or The Ethnographic Sampling Project which caught my interest.

Now I am just in the learning stage and exploring of what ESP really is but wanted to share with you and see if maybe it is something that peaks your interest as well….

What is ESP?

The Ethnographic Sampling Project, ESP, is designed to sample brief moments of life by tapping into the citizen anthropologist.

What is the Ethnographic Sampling Project? It’s actually quite simple. We are a network of people who love sharing video, photos, audio and thoughts about why people do what they do, think what they think, buy what they buy. We believe technology has enabled observation and the ability to capture a moment on an unprecedented scale, creating a space where individuals can become part of a larger community.

The Ethnographic Sampling Project is designed to sample brief moments of life by tapping into the citizen anthropologist. Members of the group are given periodic challenges to capture specific experiences and share those experiences for discussion. The goal is to gain insight into human behavior and consumer culture through a dynamic range of personal perspectives and social contexts. Our hope is to prove a new, collaborative model for ethnography we call “open” ethnography.

ESP: The Ethnographic Sampling Project from Gavin Johnston on Vimeo.

Caught your interest? Come hang out at the Tweetup this Thursday night at Two West. [More Info]


  1. joecox

    Yeah, I think it's a pretty cool idea. I'm already looking at my house and my behaviors a little bit differently. I'm will for sure be trying to take part

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