Want Facebook Chat On Your Pre? There Is A Patch For That!

So one thing I have been wanting to have with me on the go and on my Palm Pre is the ability to chat with my Facebook friends via Facebook Chat.

Well now I am happy to report there is a patch that allows you to do just that!

Basically, apply the patch the go into the Messaging app. In there, add a new account with the username in the format <username>@chat.facebook.com with your password being your facebook password.  So take note, you’ll need to enable/set a Facebook username on your Facebook account if you haven’t yet.

This patch works by altering the hosts file on your device to make your device think “chat.facebook.com” is “talk.google.com”. Thanks to Facebook’s chat service now using jabber (the same that GTalk uses) just adding a GTalk account in the Messaging app gets full Facebook Chat working!  Oh, and don’t worry, regular GTalk accounts will still work fine; there doesn’t seem to be any negative side effects of the patch.

All you need to install is first the patch and then WebOS Quick Install.  Install the patch, login, and you are set!  I have used it a few times already and it is great.

[Facebook Chat patch]

[found via PreCentral]


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