My New Geeky Wallet From Comic Wallet

So I have been thinking of getting a new wallet and was like hey I want to get something geeky and thats when i found Comic Wallet.


Now I cannot think of something more geeky then a wallet that is made out of comic books and with Comic Wallet that is what you get.

They have all kinds of options from Batman and Green Lantern to Iron Man and Thor.

I went with a Green Lantern one….here is a little info and some images of the one I purchased.

This is a wallet made from the cover of Green Lantern Rebirth 6. It features the cover graphic on the front of the wallet with Kyle, John and Hal on the inside.

So check out the site and you can also follow Comic Wallet on twitter.  I will of course have something to say once it arrives in the mail so be on the lookout for my thoughts.


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