BBS's And The Sound Of My Youth

So I saw a story on Techcrunch today about the BBS and it having a birthday.  First Happy Birthday to the BBS and wow does that bring back memories!  I remember printing off the list of local numbers here in the Kansas City area I could dial up,  jumping on my computer and firing up the 1200 baud modem that was installed. 

I remember trying to get access to all those shady Adult BBS’s in the area, my first zip file came from a bbs, uploading files so I could get credits to download a game, sending private messages/chatting with other local users, having my family pick up the phone and mess up my connection, jumping on a MUDD and playing for a couple hours.  Ahh the good times and who could  forget that sound?….the sound of logging on and entering a kool new world definately a sound of my youth.

Well that is my flashback to the old days.  How about you?  Did you use any bbs systems?  Run one (I set a couple up in my day).  Let us know.  Lets bring out the stories. 


  1. TonyRad

    I got my first computer in '93 but probably around '98 I started getting into MUDDs and BBSs. Loved them. I still look em up and log in every now and then.

  2. Major MUDD! Dude, we probably played against each other. The other main use I got from BBSs was playing multi-player Doom. Good times.

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