AMC Best Picture Showcase 2010!!!!!!!!!!

Its almost time for the Oscars and that can only mean one thing…..The AMC Best Picture Showcase and this year with 10 movies nominated for Best Picture that means we get two Saturdays of movie awesomeness!!!!

The event will take place February 27th and March 6th at an AMC Theater near you. The first week will include Avatar in 3D and AMC is letting us vote for what other 4 movies we want to see with it. Very Kool!!!!

So what is the cost?

Program Information
Double the films also means more ways to enjoy the showcase! We’ll take care of you with a free large popcorn and unlimited refills.

Standard Ticketing Options:
– Two-Day Pass – Online: $60
– Two-Day Pass – Box Office: $50
– One-Day Pass (February 27 or March 6) – Online and Box Office: $30
MovieWatcher Ticketing Options:
– Two-Day Pass – Box Office: $40
– One-Day Pass (February 27 or March 6) – Online and Box Office: $25

I went last year and I can tell you it was a great event and I am for sure gonna hit it up again! [blog post from last year]

Not sure who is nominated besides Avatar of course…well here is the announcement of the nominees…

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Tickets go on sale Feb 12th and jump over to the AMC site for more info.  Hope to see you there!


  1. HI Jeff- Pretty excited to tell everybody about the awesome Best Picture Showcase giveaway we got from AMC:

  2. Eric very kool! If anyone out there is interested in checking out the bestpicture showcase make sure you sign up for a chance to win some tickets. its a great event.

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