Turn Your Twitter Conversations Into A List

So for some time now I have seen my name show up on twitter lists of people I follow called Conversationlist and I always wondered due to multiple people having this list how is it created and maintained?  Well that is when I discovered the site Conversationlist.

A conversationlist is your attention transformed into a tweetstream

To be a little more specific, a “conversationlist” is a Twitter list of the people that you talk to (and about) on Twitter. The list is automatically updated daily, so that it always reflects the people that you are paying attention to right now. If you @reply (or @mention) someone, they’re added to your list. If you stop talking to that person, they drop off your list.

So after finding this out.  I jumped over, authorized the service to access my twitter feed, and bam it created the list for me!  Pretty kool and a great way to have a list of people you are talking to on a daily basis.

Like I mentioned its super easy, customizable, I don’t have to do anything, and hey its fun!

So check it out and maybe I will find myself on your Conversationlist soon!


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