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So recently I was approached by Kurt Kloeblen of KCTV5 here in Kansas City about helping with those lists you always see at the end of the year listing the top this and the top that.

Being a geek of course Kurt was thinking of me for the top gadgets of 2009 and I was more then happy to give my thoughts.

Well today I found out my list had hit the site along with lists from some friends Zena Weist doing social media trends and Eric Merlin from the Scene-Stealers doing the top films of the year.

[KCTV5’s Top 5 Of 2009]

Here is my portion of the article….

Jeff Smith is known throughout Kansas City and throughout the Web community as a popular blogger and a lover of all things tech — hence his geek name, Jeffisageek. Smith took a look at the top gadgets and tech advances of 2009.

Here is Smith’s Top 5:

1. Android Platform

Android is a mobile operating system that is running some of the popular phones currently on the market. You have the MyTouch with T-Mobile, the Droid from Verizon, and the Hero from Sprint, as well as many new phones being added monthly. Going into 2010, the Android market looks to get even hotter with Google recently announcing a pure Google phone called the Nexus One.

2. iPhone 3GS

While the iPhone has been around for a while, in 2009 Apple released an update that included things like copy and paste, video recording and MMS messaging. With tweaks like that and it being one of the most popular phones out there today, it is hard to keep it off of a top list for 2009.

3. Palm Pre

Now, I might be a bit biased on this one since I own a Palm Pre, but this phone brought us another mobile operating system in WebOS, as well as a phone that allowed you multi-tasking abilities and a great community for adding apps/tweaks provided by average users to enhance your mobile experience to your liking.

4. Kodak Zi8

With personal video taking off on the Web over the last few years, this little device brings a powerful punch with some nice goodies. With it you get to record in 1080p HD as well as an SD slot, which allows you up to 32 megs more storage. Very nice!

5. Kindle DX

For all you bookworms out there, this is a pretty sweet device. It’s as thin as most magazines, allows you to store up to 3,500 books, periodicals, and documents, is WiFi-enabled and has a vast library of information available either for downloading or purchase, which for those of you who like to read, should be good for a few days at least.

Again I would like to thank KCTV5 for the chance to give my input and then sharing it with their readers and look forward to other opportunities like this in the future.


  1. Wow Jeff, gotta say I am impressed (and agree) with your number one choice of the Android OS/Platform. I know how much you seem to love your Pre based on tweets I see about it all the time so I thought you would pick it number one. Now if Sprint could just get some Motorola Dorid like hardware or perhaps a Nexus one I could upgrade to Android.

  2. Congrats, Jeff. That is great.

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  5. RT @jeffisageek: My Top 5 Gadgets Of 2009 on
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  7. My Top 5 Gadgets Of 2009 on
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