(jeff)isageek Joins The Bandit Network

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So I recently was asked if I wanted to join a network that was being put together of some websites here in the Kansas City area called the Bandit Network.  We all know each other through doing movie reviews and we all have our thoughts and ideas on the new movies, events, and tv shows but also have other things we are interested in as well.

Putting a network of sites together helps in spreading the word about different thoughts, ideas, ect and helps in the promotion of each sites materials.

I Look forward to sharing stuff from the other sites included as they are some great and talented people.

Sites included in the network (so far) are:

Lost In Reviews [twitter]
Frothy Girlz [twitter]
Down Right Creepy [twitter]
(jeff)isageek.net [twitter]

You can also follow the Bandit Network on Twitter


  1. RT @jeffisageek: (jeff)isageek Joins The Bandit Network http://ff.im/-ck5bW (Somewhere, the Smokey network is weeping)
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