Checking Out Make: KC Tonight


So tonight I have decided to check out Make:KC which I have heard about from my fellow kc tweeter/geek Vince or as he is known on twitter someoneknows.

Now what is Make:KC you ask?  Are you familiar with Make which is a site/blog/magazine/ect dedicated to people making things (a wide range of things) and of course it is right up a geeks alley.

Now I dont claim to be someone who can just make something or is any good at it (yet) but hey I am always up for learning new things and who knows maybe someday I will be a Make Ninja or something…a geek can dream!

So anyways if you are interested in checking it out the Show and Tell they are having tonight is at the H.M.S. Beagle store in Parkville, MO (180 english landing drive) and it is from 6 to 8pm so hey if you got some time tonight maybe come check it out!


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