SMCKC Breakfast Tomorrow (10/9) Including @bryanperson

smcKC BP-headshot

So tomorrow morning is the monthly breakfast for the social media club of Kansas City which just keeps getting bigger and better each month. This month will once again take place at the Kansas City Cafe and last I checked we were flirting with a 60+ crowd that will be in attendance! Very Kool!

Now this month is a little special as we will one be announcing the new Executive Board for the group after a couple weeks of voting and we will also be having s special guest speaker in Bryan Person [follow him on twitter].

Who is Brian you you ask? Well here is a little bit of info about him from his website:

My name is Bryan Person, and I am passionate about social media. I write and speak about how the tools, tactics, and culture of social media can be used to drive customer conversations and build strong communities.

I am a blogger. is a a mix of practical advice for using social media, commentary on the goings-on in other marketing/PR/community blogs and podcasts, and reflections from in-person networking events/conferences that I attend and organize.

I am a podcaster. New Comm Road was a program where I explained how to use the tools of social media and integrate them into your company’s communications strategy. I’ve also done event podcasting, including most recently at the 2008 Community 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas.

I am a community and event organizer. I believe that a big part of the power of social media happens when online conversations turn into face-to-face meetings. To that end, I organize monthly Social Media Breakfasts for Boston’s online PR, marketing, and entrepreneurial community. I also work with community leaders in other cities who want to launch their own Social Media Breakfast series.

I am a speaker. I present at conferences, unconferences, and to organizations about the latest trends and best practices in social media. I also speak about the ways that the connected worker can use social media and online social networks to build their personal brand and raise their professional profile.

So as always it should be a great morning…all are welcome….and we look forward to seeing old faces as well as new faces in the crowd.


  1. SMCKC Breakfast Tomorrow (10/9) Including @bryanperson
    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  2. SMCKC Breakfast Tomorrow (10/9) Including @bryanperson
    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  3. SMCKC Breakfast Tomorrow (10/9) Including @bryanperson
    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

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