The Palm Pre : A New Era For (jeff)isageek


Thats right!!! With Tuesday almost over I am now officially under a week before I purchase my new phone which if you don’t follow me around the internet will be the Palm Pre! I cannot wait! I have been playing around with the SDK, emulator, other people’s Palm Pre’s and following all the talk the forums.

There are a lot of things I am looking forward to with the Pre like better notifications then I am use to with my current phone, the great integration with many google services, great multitasking, using it with itunes and pandora, and adding apps as they come along (which is slowly becoming more and more daily).

Those are just a few things and I am sure I am missing a few but overall I am just looking for a kool new experience with a phone that so far I have really enjoyed learning all about!

You can bet over the next week and beyond I will have more on my thoughts and kool stuff I find out there on the interweb.

[side note] a great site with lots of info, blog, and great forum is if you are looking for information


  1. The Palm Pre : A New Era For (jeff)isageek
    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  2. I've had a Pre for a few months, and I hope your luck with it is far better then mine. Beware of the battery slot problem, I'm sure you've already read about it, but if you haven't .Also remember to clean-up and organize your gmail contacts before you sync your pre…

  3. The Palm Pre : A New Era For (jeff)isageek
    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  4. I am SO jealous! Outside of the hardware, the Pre is a pretty amazing device thanks to WebOS. They just need some more apps now. (Yay for homebrew!)

  5. I currently have an iPhone and I am ready to switch. What phone did you have before the Pre?

  6. I have the Samsung Instinct so I am really ready to switch to the pre 🙂

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