Refocusing (jeff)

So with everything going on around the web these days it seems like things are changing on a daily basis and for me it seems like I have multiple hats I like to put on with everything I like to talk about and participate in these days so I have decided to mix things up around my personal branding and what is out there for all you my followers.

I want to bring (jeff) back to being a long form blog with posts about social media, events going on here in the midwest, and new serices I am using and how I am using them ect ect.

But I also want to keep putting out geeky stuff, funny stuff, stuff about bacon, lego, star wars, on and on and of course want to keep putting out my movie reviews and stuff pertaining to that.

The New Focus

(jeff) will be my main blog. The place I talk about social media, gadgets, tech, the web. New services I am checking out there as well as events I attend around the KC area like meetups, barcamps, wordcamps, ect ect.

Docking Bay 94 – the place for me to put all my geeky stuff, my star wars stuff, my youtube videos, and everything else a geek finds interesting. I want to share this stuff but I dont want to bog the main site down with this stuff and bury the great content I create to share with everyone.

At The Movies With The Geek
– The place where I will be sharing my movie reviews and movie related links, pics, and videos. The place I can be a movie geek.

So I have started setting everything up and have started using my ideas and have to say I am really liking it. throw in distribution via serices like twitter, friendfeed, facebook, ect ect and I think this is a great way to get the (jeff)isageek brand, content, and all the stuff I love out there to you my followers.

Enjoy and as always thanks for following me out there on the interwebs.


  1. Refocusing (jeff)
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