Enhancing The New FriendFeed Beta With Greasemonkey

My fellow FriendFeed’er Rasheen put up a blog post on ways to make the new FriendFeed beta work for you and included were a couple of greasemonkey scripts you can use to change the look, add a few features, and customize what you see.

Below are the scripts that were featured. Of course the first thing you need to do is install greasemonkey if you have not already and if you have any questions feel free to contact me and we can see what we can do.

Cleaner FriendFeed [Widescreen] [Regular]


* Cleaner and cool look and feel (FriendFeed is already clean, this makes it a lot cleaner)
* Different font style
* Highlights friends comments with baby yellow (instantly know that the user is already your friend)
* Highlights your comments with baby blue (it’s cool to see your own comments from river of comments. Looks good when you are a distance away your computer, makes your comment a marker in conversations)
* Highlights Likes to light pink
* Dims comments from non-friends (normal color of FriendFeed comment)
* Separated each posts with a bottom border

This userstyle brings the FriendFeed conversation to another level by instantly letting you know…

1) Your own comment (Powder Blue)
2) Your friends comments (Light Yellow)
3) Your non-friends comments (Normal FriendFeed Comment Color)
4) Likes (Light Pink)

FriendFeed Beta Service Icons [Script]

Adds service icons to the Friend Feed beta site using the API (only works on public entries)



You can take on the real-time feeds without being constantly updated with a barrage of updates as other FriendFeed users participate with comments and likes on the feed.




FriendFeed Twitter Tweaker

Tweak the way Twitter entries are displayed on FriendFeed

1) For Twitter entries, appends the username of the Twitter user after the “N minutes ago from Twitter” message in the entry metadata

2) Helps you track Twitter users not on FriendFeed:

– Create a feed (formerly known as a Room) that includes the text ‘twitter-friends’ anywhere in the name (e.g. “kshep-twitter-friends”)

– Add the Twitter feed from each user you’d like to track. You can add as many users as you’d like.

– When an entry appears in this feed, the name of the feed will be replaced by the username of the Twitter user who created each entry.

So there ya go.  Hope you find the scripts useful and if you come across anymore for FriendFeed or any kool greasemonkey scripts you wanna share please feel free as I am always on the lookout for more.


  1. Thanks for expanding on these. I've since started playing with Chrome, so I need to figure out if I can actually make these Greasemonkey scripts work with Chrome as well. 🙂

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