Tweaking Facebook With Greasemonkey

If you have followed my blog or my twitter feed you will know that I am a big fan of using Greasemonkey scripts to enhance the different services I use on a daily basis.  Tonight I was looking for some new ones to add to my collection and I found some that I really liked for Facebook and figured I would share them with everyone to check out.


Remove All Facebook Ads – Obviously this one removes all the ads on the Facebook pages you go to.

Facebook Direct Links – When you click on a link on Facebook it takes you directly to the site.

Facebook Fixer – Enhancements for Facebook: bigger profile pictures and photos, easier viewing of albums, links to download videos, showing people’s age and sign, google calendar integration, keyboard shortcuts & more. Compatible with new Facebook and fully customizable!


So there you have it.  Hope if you are a Facebook user you can use these scripts to help enhnace your use of the service as well.  If you have any other scripts or plugins you use with Facebook leave a comment and share it with everyone.


  1. I was using UnFuck Facebook ( but it hid my (and your) NetworkedBlogs entries from the main feed

  2. philfreo

    Don't forget another birthday!Here's one that reorders the sidebar on Facebook's homepage so that Birthdays/Events show up at the top, and ads at the bottom:

  3. markjames

    I'm the author of “Facebook Direct Links”. I have a better Facebook ad remover: and I also have a similar script to Facebook Fixer called UnFuck Facebook:

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