"Nerdcore Rising" Free Screening In KC – April 2nd

I was recently alerted of a free screening of the documentary “Nerdcore Rising” here in KC next Thursday (4/2) at Park University which is free to the public. What is Nerdcore Rising you ask?


The documentary “Nerdcore Rising” investigates the newest, wave of hip-hop, nerdcore, as it follows the godfather of the genre, MC Frontalot, on his first national tour. Beginning in South Carolina and culminating in nerd mecca – the Penny Arcade Gaming Convention in Seattle – masses of fans across the country come out to bask in the Front’s geek glory as he strives to achieve mainstream success.

mcfrontbig mcfront

Here is a little teaser of the film

So are you planning to attend? Would love to meet others who are into the nerdcore scene and just have a good night at the movies! Hope to see you there!


  1. So you're saying that Weird Al's “It's All About the Pentiums” video spawned a whole genre? How very strange.

  2. Jeff! Thanks for the advert! Besides the screening being free and open to the public, there will also be a drawing to give away two Garmin Nuvi 255w's (thanks to a generous donation from a certain geeky and brilliant Garmin architect) and two $25 GameStop cards. Screening begins at 7pm at Alumni Hall. Bring your most egg-headed friends to represent.

  3. Eric very kool. thanks for the info and looking forward to check out the documentary.

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