Add Funtionality To Your Twitter Notifications With Topify

The other day I reviewed a service call twimailer that would enhance your twitter notification emails by adding information right in your inbox like the users avatar, who they were following and followers, as well as a list of their last few tweets.

Well after the blog post went live I heard from one of the developers of another service like twimailer called topify which adds even a few more layers of functionality to those bland notification emails from twitter.


Extra features added to what you can do with twimailer :

* reply to DM’s right from the notification email.
* follow a user back right from the notification email.

The only thing that topify does not have that twimailer does is showing you the last few tweets from your new follower.

Here is a little video put together by the topify guys highlighting the service.


  1. So what did you like more – Topify or Twimailer?Regarding more recent updates – there seems to be a huge demand for that, so we will add it soon.Thanks 🙂

  2. Wow, a service that saves you a whole click. Sign me up!

  3. ArikWell I like the features of being able to just reply to DM's as wellas a reply to follow someone right from the inbox.The problem with topify that I have heard is it is closed beta sopeople are going to twimailer because it is open now.

  4. thanks for the review. like Arik said, we are adding this soon and even more features we have on our road map very soon. The private beta will be soon over, but we are already sending invitations on request. We just want to make sure every single user is really happy about our service.Stay tuned

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