(jeff)isageek Hits 10,000 Tweets


So with this blog post and its posting to twitter I will hit 10,000 tweets.  I have been using twitter pretty much since the beginning of the service.  I was around the 1500-1600 person on twitter and I think the first person I followed was @ev (founder of twitter).

[My TweetStats]

On a personal note I have had such a great time using twitter since July ’06 and have met some awesome people, learned all kinds of great things, and even had opportunities open up which I am sure twitter played a part in even if in a little bit.

To all my followers I thank you for adding me as a friend, I am glad you have enjoyed my tweets, blog posts, video’s, links, humor, and even your kind words during times like surgeries or when my grandpa passed away earlier this year.

So here is to all the great people I have met thru twitter either on the interwebs or those I have actually had the great opportunity to meet in real life and here is to 10,000 more tweets!

[I figured I had more to say about this then just 140 characters worth so I made sure to have my 10,000 tweet link to a blog post.]

update : I just thought if you are just finding out about me on twitter feel free to follow me im at twitter.com/jeffisageek


  1. That is awesome – congratulations! I was early on Twitter too, don't remember the exact date though. It's a wonderful service. I really enjoy the interaction with so many people and hearing news and points of view from around the world. I'm so pleased to have met you there. I hope we meet in real life someday. All the best to you!

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