BurnURL : Bringing The Social To Your Links

The gang over at Readburner today announced a new tinyURL service called BurnURL which like other services will shrink url’s to sites that have long web addresses making it easier to share, tweet, and use all those new micro services that limit the amount of characters available.

Now with BurnURL that is where the comparison ends with other services like tinyURL, bit.ly, ect.  With burnURL when you share a link your followers are given the linked page but also they get a ShareBar.


When you click a BurnURL, the experience is a bit different than most shorteners.  You’ll see what we call the “ShareBar,” which includes convenient links to share the story on popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Digg, a hit count showing how many times the link has been visited, and options to vote the story up or down and see the overall rating from visitors.  As you can imagine, all of these actions and data points create an opportunity to do lots of interesting stuff, and get back to something similar to the original ReadBurner.

To try out the ShareBar click this link to a post on my site http://burnurl.com/rl6oUT.

So what do you think of BurnURL? Is it something that you will replace your current service you use to shorten your links?

I have always been big fans of the guys over at ReadBurner so I look forward to checking it out as well as I like the idea of adding a bigger social aspect to all the links I share in my tweets on a daily basis.

[ReadBurner Blog Posts on BurnURL]


  1. Thanks for the writeup and support. Much more coming from the new RB team. It will make more sense soon 🙂

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