AMC "Best Picture Showcase" Recap

meandjj amcfront

So this past Saturday I had the opportunity along with my buddy JJ aka vivid13 to be part of an awesome event called the “Best Picture Showcase” put on by AMC.


Basically the concept is all 5 movies nominated for best picture for this years Oscars shown in 1 day, add unlimited popcorn, tons of movie geeks and you have an awesome event on your hands.

I did a little recap video with some input from others who attended so check that out below:

As I mentioned in the video I had an awesome time at the event, AMC put on one heck of a movie marathon and I cannot wait until next year to do it all again!

For some extra coverage of the “Best Picture Showcase” check out all the tweets tagged #amcbps from all over the country, as well as my fellow kc geek shane with his blog post running down the showcase and movies as well as his flickr pics of the event.

So did you go to the event in your city? What was your experience? Maybe you didnt but you saw the movies…what was your favorite? Let me know.


  1. Rock and Roll. I still maintain that Benjamin Button was my favorite of those nominated, but I am happy for the Slumdog Millionaire win.

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