Need A Quick Chat Room? Try TinyChat

These days everyone uses services like tinyurl,, ect ect. to shorten their url’s to make things easier, cleaner, and quicker.

Today I discovered a service that takes the idea of making your url’s smaller and brings it to the chat game called TinyChat.

TinyChat basically in minutes gives you a chat room, a tiny url to give out to others and soon will allow you to have your twitter or facebook credentials available for those who enter your room.


I am going to create a chat room now just to test it out so as read this blog post today stop by and if the room is still active we can chat with each other.

Overall looks like a kool idea for getting a chat room up and running quickly and then (in the near future) allows you to use other social media services to let others know who you are and were they can find ya.

Very Nice!

[come check out my TinyChat  Room]

** note **  One thing that would be nice is the ability to pop the room out of the browser to make it it’s own window.

So what are your thoughts on TinyChat?  Do you use a similar service?


  1. nicolaquinn

    I like it and agree it would be good to pop it out into it's own window. Saw there was an option to add to a website, did you try that?

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