: Making Your URL's Yummy (And Tiny)


There is a new URL shortner out there on the interweb and it is called which like any other service like it takes a long web address and shortens it to just a few characters.

Why would you use over all the other services that do the same thing?  well that is kind of obvious….the others don’t have anything to do with bacon which will make anything better! hehe

Seriously though its a fun little way to shorten those long urls, they have a bookmarklet you can add to your browser for quick shortening, and a list with the top links that have been baconized (is that a word??).

Looking for more bacon coverage on the interwebs then check out Bacon Geek or maybe you want to add a slice of bacon to your blog?  Then check out my post “Enhance Any Site By Adding Bacon“.  Enjoy!


  1. Enough with the bacon already!!

  2. That's awesome! I think I just found my new url shortener of choice. I wonder if it works with tweetdeck. I didn't ever think that I would be able to combine my love of bacon and url brevity.

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