SMCKC Meetup A HUGE Success!


Last night there was food, there was beer, and most of all there was a huge crowd. Nicholson Kovac was the location and the audience was hovering around 90 or so.

Social Media Club KC put on a meetup for those in the community who are interested in all types of social media and the social web.

I got the chance to be on a panel that discussed using twitter to help your business and what was kool about it was in social media fashion the panel pretty much grew to the whole room.  Social media at its finest!

The crew from the Life In The Tubes Video Podcast were there with their cameras so once that video makes it’s way on the interweb you can bet I will be sharing it with everyone.

[flickr pics of the event]

Are you interested in learning about social media?  Do you use it now and want to find like minded people to discuss your thoughts and ideas?  Well then we invite you to come to our events some time.  We have an events page on our site keeping you upto date on what is going on and they are open to all in the public.

Upcoming Events
1/24 Pool Hall meetup in Lenexa
1/27 Lawrence tweetup

I have to say over the last few months we have seen incredible growth in attendance and participation and with some more great events coming up in the Kansas City area like Startup Weekend and in the midwest with Big Omaha we are really seeing the region grow and make its presence felt in tech/social media arena.   It is exciting times and I am glad to be a part of getting things going.

Hope to see you all soon!

[smckc site]
[smckc twitter]


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