The Live Tweeting Of A Plane Crash!!

I think this has to be a first for me at least and maybe the first on twitter. But I was just reading the live tweeting of a plane crash that took place in Denver yesterday.


The tweets came from Mike Wilson (@2drinksbehind). First let me say Mike we are glad you are ok and second this shows how technology and the web are bringing a more personable feel as well as a real time look at events as they happen.


  1. that is just crazy! I dont know if i would think to start tweeting if my plane just crashed

  2. man! he was supposed to have his phone off.

  3. @Rob – Hahahaha…I didn't even think about that

  4. I'm glad that he is ok. It wouldn't have been such a cool story if he would have died. Did anyone else? I hope not.

  5. well if you look at his twitter stream he doesnt say anything about the crash until he says I have been in a crash. so we will guess he had it off and then turned it on to say that 🙂

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