Kallow – Helping With Your Holiday Tech Shopping

My buddy Caleb Elston who started the awesome service toluu has just released a new service to help all those out there who are the tech guru’s for their family or friends or you are someone who is looking for that great gift for the tech guy or gal in your family but have no idea what to get.

The new service is called Kallow and basically what they are looking to bring to everyone out there looking for the hot, new, and best gadget is a one stop shop for the best in each category out there from laptops, GPS units, iPods, cameras, and so on.

Here is what Caleb and Jordan have to say about Kallow:

We started Kallow because we have family and friends who are just like you. They care about what technology can do for them, not what they have to do for technology. We found that so many of our friends spend days researching their next camera, TV, computer, or other gadget online with little success. Or instead, they suck it up and visit a big box electronics store, often ending up overwhelmed with the selection and underwhelmed with the staff. Either way, the process is confusing and frustrating for nearly everyone. It’s great if you’re a geek like us, but 99% of people aren’t. We wanted to make shopping simple for everyone.


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