Blog Your Google Shared Items

Do you use Google Reader? Do you like to share your items? Do You Blog? If you answered yes to all of these then you might be interested in the following WordPress plugin.

Shared Items Post allows you to create a blog post based on the settings you chose to your blog of choice to share with your readers.

[example post from last night]

I thought this sounded like something I might be interested in so I loaded it up and now I will see how things go and whether I go ahead and keep it….but for now its a new feature here on the blog.

Its really easy to setup and here are some of the different setttings available to you:

* Post scheduling – by day, week or month, and time of day
* Post formatting – you have complete control over the layout of post from the plugin admin panel
* Post settings – set the author, category, and tags


  1. Awesome, just today I was wondering if something like this exists. Let me know what you think of it.

  2. joe

    is this available for blogger accounts?

  3. Hey JoeI do not think there is a version for blogger…atleast from the creators ofthis wordpress plugin. I will contact them and see if they have anythoughts of doing one for blogger and let you know what i find out.One thing I will not for those using wordpress and thinking of using thisplugin there is a bug right now that makes it post multiple times at thetime you scheduled.The way I am getting around that is by activating the plugin once a day thenselecting “run now” then deactivating. I know its extra work but hey untilthey get the bug fixed it works for me 🙂

  4. Google is already helping a lot to manage, I think this gonna be a good step. I also read somewhere, Google note book can help you get indexed in search engine. though doesn't give you valuable link but still for yahoo or other engine may be.

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