It is time again for another episode of At The Movies With the Geek and this time we are gonna look at the new scifi thriller Splice.

[IMDB – Splice]


My Thoughts


So its that time again for another movie review and this time we are taking a look at the new comedy starring Russel Brand and Jonah Hill called “Get Him To The Greek”.

[IMDB – Get Him To The Greek]




To everyones suprise we got the hold gang together and did a new episode of The Social Geeks.

For this episode we talked about Facebook privacy, Sprint EVO, and location based services.

[Episode 26 – Extra Virgin Olive Oil]

We had Chris Miller, Wayne Sutton, Sarah Perez, Corvida, Caleb Elston, and of course myself!

So recently I have not had much along the lines of content here on (jeff)isageek dot net.  I don’t know if I hit a wall and lost the urge to write long blog posts, just been lazy, or maybe its all the other social networks that seem to draw me away from the traditional blogging.

I really do want to get back into doing my regular posts and I can feel that urge coming back but hey sometimes it happens.  In some ways I have kinda felt myself being pulled into a couple directions and start thinking do I want to do this with the site?  Do I want to do that with the site?  I think it doesn’t help that my mind is always going like 500 mph and thinking of the new kool way to share my thoughts and content.

So with that said I am gonna work on getting back on track and getting the blogging bug back!  Also thanks for sticking with me and following (jeff)



Torgo’s theme haunts me in my dreams.

Gotta love the Torgo Theme!

Getting ready to watch Manos : Hands of Fate 

So my latest geeky purchase arrived today……I got my Han Solo Frozen in Soap err I mean Carbonite bar of soap.

Want some geeky soap for yourself? Jump over to Luxury Lane Soap and also follow Kylee on twitter @kyleelane

Did you miss a panel or want to recap from Free State Social?  Maybe you were unable to attend?  Or hey maybe this is the first time you are hearing about Free State Social.  Whatever be ther case you can now access the archives and check out what was an awesome event last month.

I covered it with some video, tweets, and just plain telling people about it and I came away with a wealth of great information and excitement.

If you actually paid to go to Free State you are good to go all you have to do is contact LJ World and they will provide you with a username and password.  If you did not attend you can purchase a pass to view the archives for $9.95


So a new group is forming here in the Kansas City area called the Mobile Media Club and you can probably guess it has to do with the hot topic of the mobile web.

There is so much going on out there today when it comes to mobile from apps, to marking, to the really hot topic of location based services like gowalla and foursquare.

This looks like it is gonna be a fun group with some really fun and smart people.  I look forward to meeting monthly and discussing different topics in the area of mobile.

Another great resource when it comes to check out is mobile local social which is a local blog that covers news from not only mobile apps/services but stuff happening all over the interwebs.

Hope to see you at a meeting soon!

So last night I was once again a part of the movie podcast Almost Locals Only podcast put together by the members of the bandit network.

For this episode we discussed the first blockbuster of the summer season in Iron Man 2.

[Almost Locals Only: Iron Man Centipede]

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